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Welcome! Pull up a chair, take out a book, and let’s chat about reading and writing. I’ve been writing since I was five, and I’m happy to be able to share my stories with readers. Feel free to explore the site, and use the contact form to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

All of my currently in-print books are available on Amazon and other third-party retail sites, as well as the publisher’s website. For more information, check the Bookshelf page or click on the individual book titles from the drop-down when you hover over “Bookshelf” in the menu bar.




Joyfully Jay gives Dolphins in the Mud 3.75 stars and says, “This is a very nice coming of age story, well-written and nicely paced.”

OptimuMM gives Dolphins in the Mud a 3 and says, “The book is really from the POV of a teenager, who feels the weight of his family on his shoulders.”

Boy Meets Boy Reviews gives Midnight Chat 4 hearts and says, “It’s not perfect in execution, but it is definitely a story that is powerful in it’s delivery. It is hard to read, there will be a lot of tears, but it is important on many different levels.”

As of June 2016, my books with Featherweight Press are no longer available. This includes Fresh Meat, Accepting Me, Life Skills, and Listening Skills.

Rainbow Book Reviews gives Where No One Knows 4 stars and says, “If you like stories about young guys figuring out where and how they fit in the world, if you enjoy a paranormal storyline that is reminiscent of the X-Men, and if you’re looking for a fantastic coming of age story that is as suspenseful as it is intriguing, then you will probably like this novel.”