Where No One Knows





Where No One Knows, Harmony Ink Press, June 2, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-63477-344-7

NOTE: This is a re-release of the novel originally published by Musa Publishing in October 2013.

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MMGood Book Reviews gives Where No One Knows 4 hearts and says, “Compelling and gripping. My heart went out to Kellan at the unfairness that has been thrust on him due to the actions of one.”

For the Love of Books gives Where No One Knows 4 stars and says, “I recommend this book to fans of twist endings, stories about being on the run and YA. If you’re looking for a good book featuring a transgender character and psychic abilities, or something without romance as the main focus, you should check this one out!”

Prism Book Alliance gives Where No One Knows 3.5 stars and says, “The final action scenes with Kellan and the bad guys was engrossing and exciting.”

Divine Magazine gives Where No One Knows 3.5 stars and says, “I shared it with my trans teen who, although not a huge fan of the paranormal element, loved Kellan’s strength and determination. We would both recommend this story.” (NOTE: The review follows my guest post on Divine Magazine; scroll down that page to read the full review.)

Rainbow Book Reviews gives Where No One Knows 4 stars and says, “If you like stories about young guys figuring out where and how they fit in the world, if you enjoy a paranormal storyline that is reminiscent of the X-Men, and if you’re looking for a fantastic coming of age story that is as suspenseful as it is intriguing, then you will probably like this novel.”

Kellan McKee is different, but not for the reasons everyone thinks. He’s open about being transgender and grateful to have his mother’s support, even if his stepfather disapproves. When Kellan is attacked by one of his stepfather’s friends, he’s more than capable of defending himself. But doing so comes with a price: Kellan is forced to reveal what really sets him apart—his psychic abilities.

Now Kellan must escape his stepfather’s vengeance with only the money his mother can provide. In Denver he meets Shad, a person with powers similar to his own who is willing to help him. The two agree to travel together, and Shad reveals there’s a group in Boston where Kellan can find a safe haven and learn more about his gift—and how to control it.

Kellan’s respite might be short-lived, however, if his stepfather manages to find him. And not everyone in Boston welcomes him with open arms. Kellan might not be as safe as he’d hoped.

The diner was a dinky little place in the middle of a huge parking lot. Paint peelings surrounded the base of the building. Inside, though, the booths, counter, and seats were clean. My mouth watered as I inhaled the smells of burgers, fries, and other food.

I avoided the stools at the counter. Until I was sure I had myself under control, I didn’t want to sit too close to anyone.

“Hon, you have to order at the counter.” The waitress who spoke didn’t look much older than me. She was pretty cute, with blonde hair not quite in a bun, glasses, and a bunch of piercings.

Gene would have prayed for her soul. In his church, piercings went against the “no changes to what God has made” rule.

Her calling me “hon” as if she were way older kind of bugged me, but I pretended not to care.

I had no choice about being close to other people if I wanted to eat. The few seconds I would take to place my order probably wouldn’t hurt anything. I went to the counter, where she handed me a menu. Our fingers barely brushed, and I shivered. Not only was she even cuter up close, an electrical jolt hit me.

She was psychic. Like me.

She jumped a little and talked fast. “Take your time figuring out what you want, hon. You new, living here, or just stopping off the bus?”


“Staying at the motel?”

I nodded. “I didn’t see anywhere else.”

“It’s the only place in town. Watch out for Len. The guy at the desk? He can be kind of….” She trailed off and glanced around, then lowered her voice. “A few kids around here have said things about him, you know? He got grabby with me once until I stabbed his hand with my earring. He didn’t appreciate it much. He’s left me alone since then.”

She said it all in a perfectly neutral voice, as if it weren’t any big deal even though it should have been. The guy worked at a motel where people probably stayed with their kids. Someone should have locked him up before he actually hurt anyone. “Why isn’t he in jail?”

“No one’s ever officially reported anything. I don’t know if he’s actually done anything. He’s tried, but everyone who’s talked to me either fought him off or threatened to tell on him and he gave up, so I don’t think he’s actually hurt anyone yet. He only works nights over there, so avoid him tonight and you’ll be all right. You’d probably be fine anyway.” She glanced around again.

I recognized her expression. I’d seen it in the mirror a few times. Except for the part about the creep groping her, she wasn’t telling me anything she knew for sure. It was all premonitions and “just knowing,” and she worried about how people would react if they realized it.