Coming Attractions

Just a quick post this week with a bit about what I have coming up as far as books.

Ball Caps and Khakis, the last (I think) book in the Deep Secrets and Hope series, will be out in February from Harmony Ink Press. I have cover art!

Ball Caps and Khakis-200

I’ve submitted Where No One Knows, and will be hearing back within the next couple of months. You might remember that Where No One Knows was originally published in fall 2013. Unfortunately, that publisher went out of business earlier this year, so the book was homeless for a while. I’ll keep everyone informed of what happens with it.

And as I’ve mentioned, the novel Midnight Chat is mostly finished, but because of scheduling reasons, I won’t be submitting it until April. I will be posting snippets from it once in a while, though.

Other than that, I have several short stories on my Free Reads page now, which are set up as PDF downloads, and I’ll be adding another one, a Christmas story set in the same superhero universe as “Not-So-Super”, on December 23.

And that’s about it…