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Dolphins in the Mud (Harmony Ink Press, August 2017)
Chris Talberman is tired. Tired of taking responsibility for his autistic nine-year-old sister Cece. Tired of his mother taking off for hours at a time. Tired of having no friends and an oblivious father.
When a pod of dolphins strand themselves in the cove by Chris’s home, his life begins to change. Cece runs out of the house to see the dolphins, her favorite animal, and Chris has to pursue her.  One of the onlookers, a boy Chris’s age, stops Cece so Chris can catch up, and that’s how Chris meets Noah Silver. Noah’s life of travel and homeschooling intrigues Chris, and the two begin a friendship they both hope will lead to more.
But when Chris’s mother abandons the family, Chris’s responsibilities at home increase exponentially. He’s only sixteen, but he knows how to take care of Cece better than their father, or so it appears. Chris wants to lean on Noah for support, but learns Noah is hiding an untreated mental illness–which almost leads to tragedy. Chris can’t take care of everyone. And who will take care of him?

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In Progress:
Fresh Meat (YA paranormal)
In 1980, fifteen-year-old Tobias Rogan can’t wait to grow up and leave home. His parents fight constantly, his younger sister Amber has “problems,” and the only one Tobias gets along with at home is his eight-year-old sister Peri. On top of that, Tobias isn’t entirely sure, but he thinks he might like guys, and there’s no way in hell his family would accept that.
Then Tobias meets Larry Denning at the local arcade, and is instantly attracted. Larry is older, and Tobias sees a possible way out of his home before he turns eighteen. He falls quickly for Larry, ignoring the warning signs he sees and the gut feeling telling him Larry is dangerous.
Those feelings are proven right when Larry sexually assaults Tobias–and turns him into a werewolf. He dumps Tobias on the doorstep of the local pack Alpha, who takes Tobias in and tries to help him adjust to a new life where he has to become a wolf once a month, and can never go back to his family. Tobias wanted to leave home, but not like this.