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A Perfectly Nice Guy (YA contemporary)
Solomon Harrington is openly gay, and a closeted gamer geek and community theater actor. He’s counting the days until he can leave Dayfield for college. Meanwhile, he occupies himself with an online text-based RPG called Susurrus: Season of Tides.
Through the game’s forums, he meets someone who calls himself Corriman and claims to be Solomon’s age. They strike up a friendship, and Solomon develops a crush he thinks will go nowhere–until Corriman says he lives in Dayfield.
The two meet, and Corriman, whose real name is Tyson Broadbent, turns out to be exactly the kind of guy Solomon’s into. Or at least that’s how he first appears. But Tyson’s discomfort around Solomon’s other friends turns to jealousy and control when he and Solomon start dating.
As their relationship deepens, Tyson’s anger gets out of control, and he takes it out on Solomon. Solomon knows he’s in a bad situation, but doesn’t know how to get out of it without hurting Tyson or himself.


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