Dark Incarnation

As promised last week, I’m sharing a bit more about my new-ish series Dark Incarnation. New-ish because the original version of the series was actually part of my very long series The Dark Lines, but I’ve taken plots and characters, rearranged things, and combined them with characters and settings from my novel Where No One Knows. Because I like to make things confusing like that.

(Confusing for myself as the author. It won’t be confusing for readers.)

The basic plot of Dark Incarnation will follow the basic plot of the original version, which was books 21-30 of The Dark Lines. But I will also be revamping the plots of a few of the Dark Portals books (books 1-10 of The Dark Lines), and will be importing some characters from Where No One Knows. I’ll also be combining some characters into one.

So… I will be submitting Turnaround, book 1 of Dark Incarnation, a week from today if all goes as planned, and I wanted to share a bit about the plot arc.

Matthew James is the oldest son of a very strict religious family from whom he has tried very hard to hide his psychic abilities. At the public high school he attends, he has gotten to know some other people with abilities, and one of them, Caleb, he considers a genuine friend.

In Turnaround, Matthew is having visions of a dark entity that wants to harm him and his youngest sibling, six-year-old Naomi. With no other way to gain information and protect his sister, Matthew turns to Caleb for help. Caleb tells him about two other boys, Blake Walker and Topher James, who have a website detailing their fight against a similar entity–or perhaps the same one. They email Blake, who tells them not to try to fight the entity.

But then Naomi is taken by the entity–and Matthew’s mother blames him to the point of threatening his life. To protect Matthew, his father sends him to live with a cousin Matthew has never heard of: Sahra Walker. Blake’s adoptive mother. They live with Sahra’s husband Garrett and Sahra and Garrett’s toddler-aged daughter Claire in Winthrop, a town about half an hour from Matthew’s home. The family, along with Blake’s best friend Eben Sanchez and Blake and Eben’s girlfriend Lauren, help Matthew come to terms with losing his sister. But Matthew wants revenge against the darkness, and he will do anything to get it.

The forces of light have long chosen to occasionally incarnate to help humans in the fight. Those who fight for the light are attempting to maintain the universal balance between light and darkness; for the universe to exist, both components must exist. The darkness wants to tip the balance, preferably in their favor, but even if the light outweighs the darkness that imbalance will serve the darkness’s purpose. Blake and his friends are aware of the incarnate forces of light, or FOLIHFs (forces of light in human form), and in book 2 of Dark Incarnation, they learn that there is now an incarnate force of darkness–whose job it is to destroy Blake before he can fulfill a destiny he knows nothing about.

Over the course of the series, we learn that both Blake and Matthew are more than they seem. The characters battle the forces of darkness, and sometimes must battle each other as the forces of darkness try to take control of them. Ultimately, they and their friends must work together, with help from some of the forces of light, to end the darkness’s attempt to use our world and its inhabitants to win the war.

I have not completely planned the entire series yet, but am anticipating 5-6 books. I’ll keep you all posted on whether Turnaround is accepted, and how the rest of the series shapes up!