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Each of the following short stories is downloadable from this page in PDF format. Click on the “cover” to download. Please remember that all stories are copyrighted.



Accepting Me
All Shane wants for Christmas is for his family to accept that he isn’t attracted to anyone or interested in dating.
This is a lightly revised version of a previously published story.






Demons Hide
Ty’s crush Latham turns out to be more than he seems. But then…so does Ty.




The Harvest Dance
Will Shanna let her fear and her belief she doesn’t deserve good things interfere with her night at the Harvest Dance with Ken?
NOTE: This story was originally released in 2011 as a free read accompaniment to the Reality Shift series. All rights have reverted to me. The story appears here as originally published.


Superaser Saves Christmas
Superaser just wants to buy a Christmas gift for his boyfriend. But when supervillain Missile Toe and a group of evil elves kidnap the mall Santa, Superaser must save the day.




Imaginary Friend
Trinity has been friends–and more–with Jules for two years, but she’s tired of Jules keeping her a secret from his other friends.




Public Display
Rory wishes he could tell everyone that Hunter is his boyfriend, but Hunter’s determined to stay in the closet. Or is he?





Morph Girl’s superpower, to change into anything, is beyond unpredictable. Will she be able to defeat the Chartreuse Charmer when he takes customers hostage at a local bank?





The Right Thing
Kynlee is the goody-two-shoes. The one who always does the right thing. But when her friend Bryce tells her about a teacher’s criminal behavior and asks her to report it, Kynlee hesitates. If she reports the teacher, Bryce might be arrested too. But if she doesn’t, Bryce and other students might get hurt.




 Saving Jace
Logan knows Jace has been struggling, but he doesn’t realize how badly Jace is hurting until the day Jace doesn’t come to school. Can Logan find Jace in time to prevent a tragedy?

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