Holiday Stories

When I was in, I think, eighth grade, we were assigned to write a Christmas story for English class. I don’t think my teacher completely expected what I ended up with: a 20-page typed story about a department store Santa who’d seen much better days and a little boy with no family.

I wish I still had that story. It was actually really good considering I was only 13. I think I might poke around in some boxes and see if maybe it is still here somewhere.

I was really happy about that story. So happy I made up my mind I was going to write a Christmas story every year. I figured it wouldn’t be hard, and I would write lots more great stories.

That didn’t happen. The following year, I had to write a story for little kids, which I did. I don’t even remember what it was about; it was another school assignment. After that, it just didn’t occur to me to write Christmas stories anymore.

I’ve written a few Christmas stories as an adult, though I don’t think any of them really struck me as much as that one when I was 13. Two of the stories, though, are on my Free Reads page. One, “Superaser Saves Christmas,” was written last year because I wanted to add a Christmas story to the Free Reads page. The other is the re-release of a slightly revised version of my story “Accepting Me.”

Both of those are free PDF downloads, along with several other non-holiday-related short stories, so I hope you’ll go check them out.