Look in the Mirror

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you notice all the good things about yourself? Or do you only see the flaws?

Unfortunately, we are usually our own worst critics, and so many of us do only see the flaws when we look at our reflections. Some of us are even taught to look unfavorably at our bodies, by others who tell us “See how much your stomach sticks out? Stand up straight!” or “Your hair is such a mess” or “How can you wear those shorts with all those skin folds on your legs?”

It isn’t always easy to see the good things when we look at ourselves. But those good things do exist. Try looking in the mirror and finding something awesome about yourself. Say it out loud. Tell yourself that your flaws don’t matter, you are still amazing.

Much of the time, when other people look at us, they don’t see what we see. We might look in a mirror and see the muffin top over our jeans; others might just see how gorgeous our outfit is, or how confident we are walking around in it. We might analyze every flaw we have, but other people see the whole picture, not the pieces we pick apart. Why do we put ourselves down? Everyone is incredible just by virtue of being alive. So celebrate that.

So go ahead. Look in the mirror, and instead of criticizing what you see, praise it.