Midnight Chat

Last week, I submitted my novel Midnight Chat. The novel, which I think I blogged about a few months ago, is based on a song by the same title, which I cowrote and recorded as half of the band Dichotomous. The band is, of course, now defunct, but the two songs we released live on.

When I wrote the song, almost a year ago now, I thought it had the makings of a potential YA novel. After a while, I decided to give the novel a try. The novel, like the song, is about a girl who receives a text from her male best friend saying he’s going to shoot people at school the following day, and if she tells anyone, he’ll come after her first. The girl then has to decide whether to assume he’s just venting, as he’s often done in the past, or believe him but keep her mouth shut to protect herself, or believe and report him.

In the novel, Mira MacDonald has been friends with Rob Stevens for years. She knows how severely he’s been bullied, and she knows that he undoubtedly has some mental health issues, but his parents refuse to consider that there are any problems and instead just tell Rob to stop whining and toughen up. Mira sees Rob’s mental state deteriorating but keeps hoping he’ll be okay–right up until he sends her that text.

Since the novel has just been submitted, it will be a while before I know whether it’s been accepted. But as soon as I know, I’ll fill you in!