Release Week- Where No One Knows

This Thursday is the official release of my YA paranormal novel Where No One Knows!


This is actually a re-release. Where No One Knows was written in 2013 in response to a conversation I had with the head editor of a then-new imprint of a newish publishing company. The imprint was intended to publish LGBT young adult fiction, and the editor had received a slew of manuscripts about gay boys, but not much other representation of the LGBT rainbow. She asked if I thought I could write a novel about a transgender teen.

I did. A transgender teen who is kicked out of his home–for having the psychic power of pyrokinesis, or fire setting. Something he does unintentionally when frightened or angry. The editor accepted the book, and it was published in October 2013.

And then in February 2015, the publisher went out of business and returned rights on all books to their authors. So Where No One Knows was back in my hands, and I was pretty sure I had a publisher who would be interested in it. It seemed like a natural fit for Harmony Ink Press, and so I submitted it.

On Thursday, readers will be able–or able again–to read about Kellan McKee’s escape from his uber-religious stepfather, who is out to make Kellan pay for accidentally setting a man on fire to protect himself from an attack. Kellan’s pyrokinesis is not entirely within his control, but as he runs, he finds other people with psychic powers who can help him learn to manage his own. Assuming his stepfather doesn’t find him first.