Some Changes

For the past week, I’ve been working on making some changes in how and where I interact with people online, as well as in the plans I have for projects and other aspects of my writing career.

The good news is that, with my current plans, you might see more Jo Ramsey books coming out over the next few years than in the past. Including the possible releases (or re-releases, in some cases) of the books in my Dark Path, Dark Portals, Dark Incarnation, and Reality Shift series. That’s a total of 40 books, which I plan to self-publish, but it’s going to take quite a while to get ready. I’ve realized that I need to have at least the first 12-15 books completed before I start releasing them, because I’ll be releasing one per month once I get rolling. So… realistically, that might take me until 2019 or 2020. Planning that far ahead is kind of scary for me!

I have a few more projects planned for Harmony Ink Press, and I’ll be trying out a few other YA publishers over the next year or two. I won’t name those publishers, because I don’t want to jinx anything…

On the online interaction side, I’ve been doing monthly video blogs (vlogs) that I’ve posted on my YouTube channel. After consulting with my team of social media experts, a/k/a my 20-year-old and her friends, I’ve decided to do a weekly vlog, which will appear on Mondays on YouTube and will also be posted on my home page here. Starting this Wednesday, I’ll also be posting short story videos (i.e. me reading one of my short stories) every four Wednesdays, and except for the July 8 story, all the short stories will be posted on this site as free PDF downloads. (The July 8 story PDF is available only to new subscribers to my newsletter.) Starting on July 22nd, I hope to post trailers for my published books every four Wednesdays. I’ve just confused myself typing that, so I hope I didn’t confuse anyone else!

I’m trying to be more active on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, and I’ve joined Instagram. The links to all of my social media pages/profiles are on the sidebar of this site, so if you’re on any of them, please feel free to check me out, friend/follow, or whatever.

Since 2009, I’ve been a dual author. Jo Ramsey has been writing young adult fiction, with the first book coming out in 2010; and under a different pen name, I’ve been writing adult romance, with the first book in that category coming out in 2009. I put a lot of energy and effort into the adult romance pen persona, and wrote way too many books, and now I feel that it’s time to step back from that. (I won’t give out that pen name here; some of you may know it, and I ask that you keep it to yourselves. I try to keep this blog appropriate for visitors as young as 11 or 12, and that pen name is definitely NOT appropriate for those ages!)

So I’m going to be putting in a lot more time and energy as Jo Ramsey than in the past, and I hope my readers (and publishers, and people who kinda know me) will excuse me for having neglected this side of my writing career for a while. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with people, connecting with new people, and basically going back to my first love, writing young adult fiction.

And I have help… my, um, not exactly human research assistant will be chiming in on Facebook from time to time, so I hope you’ll friend me there and/or like my page to see what he has to say.