Stories from Somerville

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Stories from Somerville Readers and comprehension workbooks

Say, Read, & Spell Phonics worksheets

Oxton House Publishers, LLC, January 2002

From 1999-2002, Kimberly Ramsey (a/k/a Jo Ramsey) taught special education in the rural town of Somerville, Maine. Faced with a lack of interesting phonics materials, Kim chose to write her own, using Phyllis Fischer’s Concept Phonics program as a guideline. Seeing the results with her students, Kim contacted Dr. Fischer, her college advisor, about her program, leading to the publication of Stories from Somerville and Say, Read, & Spell. Nearly 16 years after the first publication, these materials are still used in classrooms and by homeschoolers across the United States. The materials are available directly from Oxton House Publishers: Stories from Somerville and Say, Read, & Spell.

Sample (from Level 1, story 20; phonics pattern consonant-L blends in magic-E syllables):
June has a tube of black slime. She puts some slime on a plate. The slime slides on the plate.
“This is not fun,” says June.
Dan comes to play.
“Dan, slime isn’t fun,” says June. “It slides, but that’s all.”
“Can you make a glob with it?” asks Dan.
June can’t make a glob with the slime.
“I have a plan,” says Dan. “Close the door.”