I see a lot of competition going on lately, and it’s kind of bothering me. Not so much because people compete. I mean, most of us do in one way or another.

What’s bothering me is that sometimes the competition is cruel. It’s one thing to want the best for yourself and try to get it. That’s cool. If you’re wise enough to know what you want and determined enough to go after it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But if you’re trying to get the best for yourself by putting others down or sabotaging them so they can’t have it… that isn’t so cool.

I’ve never really understood why people feel they have to hurt others–or have the right to hurt others–to get what they want. I’ve experienced it a number of times, from school where other girls liked the same boys I did to publishing where I’ve seen authors badmouthing each other and even, on one occasion, encouraging readers to boycott the other author’s work just to make sure the other author didn’t get more recognition.

Honestly, why can’t people be kind to each other? Life isn’t a competition against everyone else. If that’s how your living, in my opinion, that’s pretty sad. Yes, in life we all want the best for ourselves, but that doesn’t necessitate competing against other people, only competing against ourselves to beat where we used to be.

Instead of competing, why not encourage others to reach their goals, and let them encourage you to reach yours? It might make reaching those goals easier, and I’m sure it would make it more pleasant.