Energy Shifting

Sometimes you might start to feel like you’re in a rut. Everything’s stuck. You feel like you’re wading through quicksand, if you’re moving at all, and you can’t see the end of the tunnel.

Those times happen. They’re part of life. But they might mean it’s time to make some changes.

One of the easiest changes to try to make is rearranging your physical space. Move furniture to new locations. Hang new pictures on the walls. Light candles. Change the color scheme of the room where you spend the most time.

Lately I’ve been struggling with feeling stuck and unhappy, so I made some changes in my apartment. Instead of having random things stuck to the walls around my desk, I printed out some photos a friend and I had taken of some nature areas (woods, ocean, etc.), framed them, and hung them on my walls. I took down some old framed pictures that have been on the walls of my various writing spaces for nearly a decade; it was time for them to go.

In my bedroom, I set up a little corner “sanctuary” for myself, with a miniature electric fountain, various stones and crystals I’ve collected over the past years, and more framed photos, as well as a couple of removable wall stickers with messages I liked.


Since I used a lot of things I already had, printed out the photos on my home printer, and bought frames at the dollar store, the entire arrangement for the bedroom and my writing space only cost around $50, including the color printer ink. But it’s already made a difference in the feel of the place. Both rooms feel lighter, and it feels like things are moving again.

Some of this might not make a lot of sense to some readers. It’s hard to explain in words. But I’m glad I decided to make the changes. If you’re feeling stagnant or stuck, it might be something you can try too.