It’s May, which means it’s the season of school graduations, at least in the US. Some colleges and universities have already had their graduation ceremonies; others are about to happen. High school seniors are counting the days, or might already have had their ceremonies as well depending on how their school year runs. In some school districts, even younger children have some form of graduation ceremony to recognize their transition from elementary school to middle school, or middle school to high school.

Sometimes graduation feels like an ending. I know it’s a cliche to say things like “graduation is a beginning, and that’s why the ceremony is called commencement”–but being cliche doesn’t make it untrue. Graduation really is a beginning. Yes, you’re ending one chapter of your life, but you’re doing so in order to start the next one. You might be going on to college, or starting a new career. You might be just becoming a legal adult, or figuring out how to adult. (As a side note… it’s okay if you don’t have that last bit totally figured out. I’m 45. I’m *still* learning to adult.)

And speaking of things that are okay… It’s okay if you don’t have the next part of your life set up yet. If you don’t know where or whether to go to college. If you haven’t found a job yet. If you’re not entirely sure the career you’ve studied for is actually for you. All of this is okay. It’s also okay if you have every step of the rest of your life spelled out in detail.

The cool thing about graduation is that it gives you a chance to start something new. And that’s never a bad thing.