Back, Finally!

My website was down for… um… a really long time.

I still have no clue what happened. The error messages (there were more than one) implied server errors, but when I contacted support, I couldn’t find out which server was messed up. Hosting? WordPress? My brain?

Well, that last one is usually kind of a mess…

But anyway, I finally managed to get hold of someone at the hosting company who was able to walk me through completely uninstalling everything that was on the site before. This meant I had to completely redo the entire thing from scratch. Which wasn’t fun, and given my wonky memory, I’m sure I forgot some things.

I also took advantage of it, though. I’ve had pretty much the same site design for years now, and I figured that since I had to build a new site, it was time for a new look. So I’ve changed up the color scheme, header, etc.

I’m pretty happy with it, and I’m even happier to have the site up and running again!