Teaser Thursday- Dolphins in the Mud

The hubbub around the mud grew with the arrival of another van. People started wading into the muck and talking about the best way to haul the dolphins out. The animals just sat there, staring with sad eyes at the humans. Dolphins were always shown as these graceful, beautiful creatures. There was nothing graceful about them now. Some of them flopped around, trying to swim through the goop, and some of them just held still like they knew there wasn’t any hope of freeing themselves.

They were still beautiful. I kind of wished Mom had let Cece stay outside to look at them. Then again, seeing the dolphins like this probably would have upset Cece. She liked watching dolphins swimming on TV and in movies, and she wouldn’t have understood why these dolphins just lay there in the mud.

Or maybe she would have. Maybe Cece understood more than the rest of us and just wanted to hide it.

Noah and I stood there next to each other for a long time without saying anything. I’d given up on talking, since he didn’t seem to want to share any information with me. I didn’t know if he kept quiet because I did, or if he had something to hide. The reason didn’t matter to me. I didn’t know anyone else I could be silent with and not end up feeling totally awkward.

With Noah, I didn’t feel awkward at all. I’d just met the guy, and I already felt like maybe we’d become friends.

Of course, I hoped we’d end up more than that. He was cute, and I had a sense that there was more to Noah than he was showing me. Mystery appealed to me. Plus I was just plain lonely.

Like there was the slightest chance of a guy like him being gay. I decided to stop thinking along those lines and just be happy about having someone to hang out with besides my parents and Cece. At least for the amount of time it took to free the dolphins.