Teaser Thursday- High Heels and Lipstick


When I woke up Saturday morning, I figured I’d be in for more of the same. Both of my parents would be home all day, which sucked. They would probably keep getting in my face about how I was feeling and whether I’d decided to cave and go to Leigh-Anne’s school. Or whatever else they decided to bug me about. By the time I’d been born, they’d pretty much given up on being smothery parents because they had too much to do, but lately they’d been really annoying. And apparently had too much time on their hands.

I took a shower and got dressed, even though I didn’t plan to go anywhere. I hated spending all day in pajamas, and this way, if my parents got on my nerves too much, I’d be able to put on shoes and a jacket and walk out the door.

While I was choosing between a low-cut sweater and a college sweatshirt I’d scammed off one of my brothers, my phone rang. My chest tightened, and my stomach, which had been cooperating pretty well the past couple of days, started churning.

I grabbed the phone off my nightstand. I didn’t recognize the number, and there was no way in hell I would answer a call without knowing who it was. Just because the person had my new number didn’t mean they were someone I actually wanted to talk to. I’d only given the number to people I trusted, but Gina had proven that some of the people I trusted didn’t actually deserve it. And she was one of the people who had the new number.

It might have been a wrong number. I hoped so. Otherwise I would have even more reason to be paranoid.

The ringtone stopped, and after a few seconds the message tone pinged. I keyed in the code for my voicemail and braced myself.

“Hi, Chastaine, it’s Brittany. Um, you said you wanted to know if Maryellen could have visitors. Um, she’s awake and stuff, and her parents said it’s okay for people to go see her, but I didn’t ask them about you specifically. So call me if you want to see her and I’ll find out if they’re okay with it, if you want.” She didn’t sound exactly thrilled about the idea. Either she was nervous, or she didn’t really want me to go. The only way to find out was to call her.

I found her number in the recent calls list and hit the screen.

She answered quickly. “Hi, Chastaine?”

“Yeah. How’d you get my number?” I didn’t necessarily mind her having it, but I wanted to know who’d given it to her.

“Eleanor Alice.”

“Oh.” I’d given my new number to El-Al and Gina because I’d still believed they were my friends at the time when I’d made the change. Obviously that wasn’t true for Gina. I hadn’t completely decided about El-Al. I would definitely have to tell her not to give anyone else the number without asking me, but I didn’t mind her giving it to Brittany under the circumstances. “How’s Maryellen? Have you seen her?”

“Not yet. I’m going this afternoon. My dad’s taking me.” She paused. “She’s still in the regular hospital, but tomorrow they’re sending her to an inpatient place. You know, for the suicide thing.”

“Oh,” I said again, because I didn’t know what else to say.

“If you’re going to see her, it’ll have to be today,” Brittany said. “Her mom says she won’t be able to have visitors except immediate family in inpatient.”

“Do you think I can catch a ride with you and your dad?” I hadn’t even considered how I would get to the hospital. For that matter, I didn’t even know which hospital Maryellen was in. Boston had a ton of them.

“Can I call you back?” Brittany asked. “I have to find out if it’s okay with Maryellen’s parents for you to visit her, and then I have to ask my dad if we can give you a ride.”

“Yeah, that’s fine.” I hoped she would actually follow through. She didn’t sound pleased about the idea, but she was the one who’d called me, so she didn’t have much room to complain if I took her up on it.