Teaser Thursday- High Heels and Lipstick


I sat and picked up my fork. The linguine on the plate smelled incredible, but food made my stomach roll. They probably assumed I hadn’t eaten because I wanted to avoid them or was pissed at them for grounding me for the weekend again, but the truth was I didn’t eat a hell of a lot anymore. I either felt too sick to even try, or I couldn’t keep the food down.

“Eat,” Mom said. “We’re worried about you.”

“You’ve been worried about me,” I muttered. “I’m fine. Just not hungry.” I was too nauseated, but saying so would only have made Mom more concerned.

“The attorney called,” Dad said.

Mom shot him a death glare. Obviously she’d been trying to ease into that little piece of news.

My heart stopped, and oxygen didn’t seem to exist. For a few seconds, I was afraid I would vomit all over the linguine. I hadn’t even wanted to press charges against Jim. It was my word against his, and I’d had sex with him enough times that no one would believe I hadn’t wanted it. Or they wouldn’t care. Some people believed if a girl said yes once, it was a permanent yes. Girls didn’t have the right to change their minds.

I’d gone through with reporting him partly because of Maryellen. If Jim had only done it to me, I probably would have let it go. But if he’d done it to Maryellen too, he might not stop there. That possibility was what had finally pushed me into going to the police.

The way Dad was looking at me, I couldn’t guess whether the news was good or bad. I wasn’t sure I wanted to know.

“Go ahead.” I took a deep breath.