Teaser Thursday- High Heels and Lipstick


The cold air outside helped a lot. In Massachusetts, the temperature was rarely warm in the winter, but this year it had been even colder than usual. In spite of that, I only wore the thin pseudo-leather jacket I’d had all fall. I didn’t do winter jackets. They were bulky and wrecked my usual look.

Today I wore skinny jeans and a long-sleeved sheer green top over a matching cami. I looked hot, even with the damn fake-fur-lined low-heeled black boots Mom had insisted I wear for walking to school in slush and ice. A winter coat would have spoiled the whole outfit, even if I wouldn’t have been shivering during the entire walk.

People yelled at me out the windows of a couple of passing cars as I walked to the donut shop. It was a little too cold to drive with car windows open, but the idiots didn’t seem to care. They were too busy trying to make me feel like dirt. I didn’t really register what any of them said. I didn’t have to hear it clearly to guess the basic idea anyway.

Holly and Evan were the only ones at the donut shop when I got there. That made it easier for me to walk in and sit at their table. The only other person who wouldn’t have worried me was Guillermo. Anyone else migh