Teaser Thursday- Midnight Chat

Coming February 2017 from Harmony Ink Press.

I’d expected Rob to text me overnight, but I hadn’t heard from him. That worried me. It was the second night in a row that he didn’t wake me with a text, but at least the night before, he’d contacted me while I was doing homework. From the time he got pulled out of chemistry class, I didn’t hear anything from him at all. I could only think of two reasons for him not to text. Either he believed I’d gone to Mrs. Reynolds, which would have made me a traitor and someone he didn’t want to deal with, or he’d hurt himself.

Hopefully neither was true. Maybe he’d just fallen asleep for a change.

In the morning, to my relief, he was waiting at the usual corner. He smiled when I walked over to him. “Where’s Talia?”

“I don’t know.” I tilted my head. “Why? You never ask about her.”

He shrugged. “Maybe if you’re involved with her, she’s an okay person. Obviously you see something good about her, even if I don’t.”

“I guess.” I frowned. Something wasn’t right about what he was saying. I couldn’t put my finger on it exactly, but I didn’t buy his change of heart about Talia. After months of complaining about her, he wouldn’t have suddenly decided she was okay.

I didn’t feel like questioning it, though. I didn’t want to talk about Talia at all. She would probably spend all day trying to talk to me if I didn’t avoid her. Staying away from her wouldn’t be easy, since she and I had most of our classes together, but I would figure out something.

“Trouble between the lovebirds?” Rob asked.

I rolled my eyes. “We aren’t lovebirds. To be honest, I’m not talking to her right now.”

“You aren’t?” He looked confused. “I thought things were good. Did you have a fight?”

“I’d rather not say.” No matter how pissed I was at Talia, I wouldn’t tell Rob she’d turned him in to Mrs. Reynolds. If he’d decided to get along with her, it was better if I didn’t give him a new reason to hate her.

I felt guilty for not telling him. He counted on me to be honest. Hiding the truth wasn’t any better than outright lying. For all I knew, he’d already guessed anyway, since Talia hadn’t been in class when Mrs. Reynolds came to get him. I should have told him the truth. I just didn’t have the heart.

He couldn’t have figured out what Talia had done. If he had, he wouldn’t have been saying anything good about her. He would have been ranting about her even more than usual. Keeping it from him was wrong, but I didn’t see how telling him would have been any better.

I was too tired and irritated to figure it out. Whatever was going on between Rob and Talia was none of my business as long as they left me out of it. I was stuck in the middle anyway, since I cared about both of them, but at least if they didn’t talk to me about each other, I wouldn’t have to take sides.