Teaser Thursday- Shoulder Pads and Flannel

Shoulder Pads and Flannel-200

“It’s Wednesday,” Holly said, as if the fact surprised her.

“Wednesday generally does follow Tuesday,” Evan said. “And precedes Thursday. Which is a good day because it’s the second-to-last day of the week.”

Holly rolled her eyes at him. “They’re in court today, aren’t they?”

“Thanks.” Evan put his head down on the table and covered it with his arms. “I needed to be reminded.”

“Who’s in court?” I blinked and tried to think. No one had told me anything about any court, and I wasn’t sure whether Holly meant Evan’s parents or the two F’s.

“You know who,” she said. “It’s to decide whether Evan’s going to have to testify, I think. Like whether they’re going to plead guilty or not. If they do, he doesn’t have to testify.”

“If they don’t, I’ll be testifying too.” The possibility made my heart skip a couple of beats. I hadn’t heard anything from the prosecutor, so I doubted I’d be going to court. But I’d witnessed the fight. Hell, I was the one who’d pulled Frankel off Evan. So if it did come to a trial, they would almost definitely call me in.

“She doesn’t think anyone’s going to have to testify,” Evan said, his voice still muffled by his arms. “She said if she showed the pictures of me that day to a jury, the jerks will almost definitely be found guilty and have to go to juvie or wherever they go. If they just say they did it, she’s going to say they should be on probation and maybe do community service, because neither of them has a record. And they’ll still have to stay away from me.”

He looked up, and his eyes were wet. He glared at Holly. “Why did you have to bring that up? I told you I didn’t want to think about it today. At least not until I hear what happened.”

“I’m sorry.” She put her arm around him. “Evan, it’s going to be okay. Those guys will get what’s coming to them.”

“They should have more than probation,” Holly’s friend Julia said.

“I don’t care if it’s only probation,” Evan muttered. “It’ll still be on their records. They still won’t be able to come anywhere near me. And it’s better than nothing, which is all they’ve ever gotten before.”

“What are you guys doing this weekend?” I asked. I had more questions about the court thing and, more importantly, how Evan felt about the probabilities. Evan seemed more upset the more we talked about it, though, so changing the subject seemed like a good plan.