Teaser Thursday- Shoulder Pads and Flannel

Shoulder Pads and Flannel-200

Mr. Lawrence cleared his throat. “I’ve been contacted by the police and asked to let you know they’ve found out who sent the text message you, Evan, received this morning. That person says he isn’t the only one involved, but he won’t give any names. The police want to speak with you.”

“If you give us his name, we can tell you who else is involved,” I said. I had absolutely no doubt it was someone from our school. Most likely one of the football players, given how they treated Evan and what had happened to the team.

“What’s the school doing to keep my son safe?” Imogen demanded. She was tiny, but she could be scary when it came to protecting Evan.

“Our resource officer is aware of the situation.” Mr. Lawrence put his fingers together like a church steeple. “We have a staff meeting scheduled this afternoon, and Ms. Rondeau will be informing all school employees. People will be watching out for Evan.”

“Why are Guillermo and I here?” Mami asked. “If the threat was against Evan?”

Mr. Lawrence hesitated. “The police said the person they spoke with earlier told them people are also ‘out to get’ Guillermo.” He made air quotes. “He stands up for Evan against his own friends and teammates, and apparently that is upsetting someone.”

“So it is one of my teammates,” I said. “Tell me who.”

“I didn’t say that,” Lawrence said quickly.

But he didn’t say otherwise, either, even when I stayed quiet to give him a chance to. Which meant I was right. Maybe the police would give us more information.

“The school takes threats very seriously,” Lawrence said. “The police will be providing an additional resource officer beginning tomorrow. While it sounds like Evan and Guillermo are the targets, and of course there’s always the possibility that the threats are merely someone trying to scare people, we aren’t taking any chances with the safety of any of our students. You are aware that Jim Frankel no longer attends this school.”

“Yes, and I think he should no longer be in this town either, but I don’t have a say on that.” Imogen sighed and rubbed her forehead. “By the way, to keep everyone in the loop, Jim Frankel and Ray Ferreira are now on probation and must fulfill community service hours. Jim has a longer time on probation and more community service. They both claimed Ray didn’t actually touch Evan. They’ve been ordered to stay away from Evan and can’t communicate with him even indirectly, such as asking a friend to say something to him. The court will be sending a copy of the paperwork over here.” She recited all of it like she was reading a list.

I clenched my fists and didn’t bother saying anything. To me, that was nowhere near enough of a sentence for either of the guys.

If it had been up to me, they would have been sentenced to having their heads pounded into the sidewalk the way they’d done to Evan. Except Evan would have hated that. He didn’t believe in hurting anyone, even if they’d hurt him. That was part of his little fantasy world.