Teaser Thursday- Turnaround

From my current work in progress:

I stood and leaned over the desk. As soon as I started reading the first paragraph on the page, about how there were dark entities that wanted to destroy humans to build power for themselves, I felt a jolt. Whatever Blake and Topher and their friends had dealt with, it was the same thing I’d seen in my dreams and my vision.

“That’s it.” I straightened. “They’ve seen the same thing I have.”

“Same thing we have,” Caleb said.


I looked at the site again, but this time the words blurred. A spike shot through my head, and my stomach rolled so bad I had to back up in case I puked. I didn’t want it to ruin the computer.

Fog rolled through my brain, and for a few seconds, I couldn’t think of words. Or of anything, really. Only how much my head hurt.

“Hey.” Caleb put his hand on my shoulder. “Are you okay? Come back to the kitchen.”

“M—migraine.” It was the only thing I could manage to say.

“Gram can help. Come on.”

He steered me out of the room and back to the kitchen. Maiara was still at the table with our teacups in front of her.

When we entered the room, she stood. “Have him sit over there.” She pointed to the chair across from her.

“He said it’s a migraine.” Caleb guided me to the chair.

I sank into it and felt a little better. My head still hurt almost more than I could stand, but at least I could think.

“I know what it is.” Maiara moved around the table to stand behind me. “Matthew, I’m going to put my hands on the sides of your head. I know it probably sounds odd to you, but this will help. You have my word.”

I started to nod, but barely moved my head before another bolt of pain shot through it. Instead I said, “Okay.”

After a few seconds, Maiara rested her hands on my head, just above my ears. Her hands were warm, almost hot as if she’d been holding them over the stove or something. The pain in my head immediately began to fade, and in a couple of minutes, it was completely gone.

Maiara took her hands away and stepped in front of me. “Better?”

“Yeah.” I stared at her. “How did you do that?”

“It’s a gift.” Her voice changed. A slightly deeper tone, and a slower rhythm to the words, accompanied by a sense of power and warmth. Not physical heat like her hands, but as if something that cared about us was speaking through her. “Someday you will learn to do it as well. In the meantime, refrain from trying so hard to hide what you are. That is what causes the pain. You are holding back out of fear, but what you keep hidden is slowly destroying you. Let go of your worry about what others may think. Be true to yourself, and all else will fall into place.”

“Benedictus?” Caleb said in a hushed tone.

“Yes.” Maiara turned to him, a slight smile on her face. Or whoever’s face it was right then. “I suspected you would recognize me, Caleb.”

“Gram didn’t go into trance.” Caleb looked confused. “And she didn’t ask Matthew if it was okay for you to talk to him. Isn’t she supposed to do that?”

“Matthew’s circumstances are different from most. His free will has not been compromised.” Maiara—or Benedictus, apparently—looked at me again. “Matthew, you asked earlier about channeling. That is what you are witnessing now. I am speaking through Maiara to give you information more easily delivered directly.”

“Benedictus almost never talks to anyone outside a formal session.” Caleb sat in the chair Maiara had been in. “There must be something really special about you, Matthew.”

“There is,” Benedictus said. “And for this time, that is all that needs be known. Matthew, you are about to begin a part of your life leading to places you don’t expect. As you progress, you will need to open yourself to things you do not understand and perhaps do not believe in. But believe, above all, in yourself. From time to time, you may come to me with questions, and I will guide you as I am able, but others will be with you as well.”

“Um, thanks.” I had no idea what he meant, and I was a little afraid to ask.

But maybe he could tell me what to do about the dark thing. I opened my mouth, trying to figure out how to word the question.

Before I could speak, Maiara blinked a few times and rested her hands on the table, leaning forward. “Good grief, Benedictus. A bit of warning next time, please.”

“Um, I think I need to go.” I stood. The apartment felt weird now. Strong, like something was moving around me. Maybe Benedictus, maybe something else.

I didn’t even know what Benedictus was. Something good. I’d sensed that. But good in a scary way. Too powerful to completely relax with.