Teaser Thursday- When a Door Opens

“Blake was born because of that deal.” Dominic’s tone was grim. “He’s Morgan’s and my son. No question about that. The kid looks so much like me it’s scary. But they created him. I don’t know why yet, but they made him for something. And since I’m back here now, I’d bet we’re going to find out why pretty soon.”

That’s enough, Clyde said. You can’t hear any more right now. Seriously, get into your room and close the door.

I opened my mouth to argue. If Blake was part of some deal his father had made, he deserved to know about it. If I found out what was going on, I would be able to tell him.

But I shouldn’t have been listening in the first place, let alone trying to find out about something it wasn’t my right to know. Maybe Blake did deserve to know, but it wasn’t my place to tell him anything. That was up to his parents.

I obeyed Clyde, but I wasn’t happy about it. I had too many puzzle pieces, and I wanted to know how they fit together. Obviously Dominic had been around when Alison and Phil had encountered the dark thing before. He must have had something to do with it; at least, that was how it sounded.

Alison had mentioned forces of light making a deal with Dominic. And Dominic thought Blake existed because of that deal.

Matthew, please stop, Clyde said. I should have stopped you before you heard that much.

Why didn’t you, then? I sat on the bed.

There’s a reason for everything, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you. You’ll find out more when you need to know. For now, promise me you won’t tell Blake any of what you heard. It isn’t time for him to know yet, and finding out too soon would hurt him.

That was probably the only reason I would have agreed to make the promise. Clyde apparently knew me pretty well. I promise.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

He didn’t say anything else, and even though a conversation might have been nice, I didn’t feel like thinking of anything to talk about. So I turned onto my side and closed my eyes.

I didn’t sleep. I lay there wondering about Blake. And myself, and why all of this was happening so suddenly when only a week earlier, my life had been totally normal.

That was a question I would probably never know the answer to.