“What’s the Point?”

Depression is sometimes a very subtle thing. It isn’t always sitting in bed crying and not wanting to move, or thinking your life is horrible, or believing no one cares.

Sometimes it’s just looking at all the things you’re trying to do and wondering “What’s the point? Why bother? Why am I wasting my time on this?”

If you only have one or two things in your life that seem pointless, it isn’t necessarily cause for concern. I think all of us feel that way once in a while about something. But if you feel that way about almost everything, almost all the time, it might be something to worry about. And in that case, it’s something to talk to a professional about.

It can be hard to reach out for help when you think “I just need to snap out of this” or you have people telling you “You need a more positive attitude and everything will be fine.” Even people who understand depression might say similar things, because an “it’s all pointless” feeling might not come across to them as depression, but instead as boredom or just a negative outlook.

But if you feel any way different from what’s usual for you, or if you have lost interest or willingness to do things you’ve enjoyed, reaching out for help is not only okay but important. You are allowed to feel happy, and you are allowed to enjoy things. If you need help to do that, it’s all right.