You Gotta Have Friends

I don’t remember anything about that song other than that line, but this post isn’t about a song anyway.

It’s about having people in your life who support you, while you in turn support them. People you can turn to if you’re having a really bad day or a really good one. For some of us, it’s really difficult to make friends, because we’re shy or anxious, or we don’t go out much, or a variety of other reasons. But it’s important to have people you can count on.


Being isolated is not a good feeling. I work at home, don’t belong to any groups or churches or anything, and don’t know many people in my area. Sometimes I’m really lonely, and sometimes I feel like there isn’t anyone out there for me to talk to. I’m finding that isn’t completely true, though.

With recent events, I needed people to lean on–and they were there. People I’ve known for a decade or so (though one of them is someone I’ll probably never meet in person) answered my call on Facebook for someone to talk to. A friend invited me to his place for a few hours. And someone who wouldn’t have even spoken to me a few months ago called and stayed on the phone with me for over an hour.

Even if you’re the type of person who prefers time alone–like my husband–I think most people need to interact with others at least once in a while, whether it’s friends, family, or coworkers. And no matter what your circumstances are, there are ways to meet other people if you don’t already have a social network in place.

Friends–and I’m using that term to encompass everyone who’s friendly with you, including those who might also be related to you–are good to have, whether you talk to them daily or only a few times a year. And being able to reach out when you need to is priceless.